Hand sanitiser, terminal disinfectant, face shield, masks, wipes


By popular request we have a range of products to help you, your staff and customers stay safe.

WHO approved hand sanitiser

70% Alcohol. From £1.75 each

Hand sanitiser gel

£49.50 (10 Empty 500ml Bottle FOC)

25ltrs Terminal disinfectant

from £54 each (QTY 6)

Face shields

Prices between: £7.50 - £8.50 each depending on quantity ordered.

Disposable masks

from £19.50 per PKT 50.

FFP2 masks

from £1.69 each (QTY 4 PACKS of 25)

Packet of 100 UltraGrime HUGE wipes

from £8.00 per pack (QTY 16)